Mat is fantastic!  He has walked my dog for over 7 years and I have never had any problems.  He is reliable, trustworthy and caring.    Mat works seamlessly with the staff and management of my  building to make sure all co-op rules are being followed, and he is always courteous to my neighbors.   A lot of dog walkers come and go, but Mat has been walking dogs for a long time. It is his business and he acts with the professionalism of any good small business owner....all the while giving a ton of love to the dogs! - DANIEL MAILLIARD

I have known Mat Deveau for almost thirteen years. He came into our life as our dog walker and has become a friend and member of our extended family. What makes Mat's love of animals special is that the animals know immediately that he is warm, loving and reliable. I can't imagine a better person to care for your pets. - A.M. HOMES

My Boston Terrier Andy Warhol is 4 years old. When she was a Pup, I got some great advice from my friend Daniel: call Mat Deveau. I eventually did, and he's been an amazing companion and caretaker ever since. Mat has a gentle touch, he's beyond caring and genuinely loves my girl. Whether dealing with my dog neurosis, daily walks, giving meds, or long global travels- there's NO ONE I trust more with my Andy (implicitly trust). To have the luxury to not have to think about it, to know your dog child is in the best possible care, is worth it's weight in gold. 2 Boroughs and 4 years later, Mat is my go to. He's like that amazing island you don't want New York magazine to write about, for the fear that everyone will go. But alas, he has to take care of others dogs, too. He's seriously the best.MEGAN SHEEHAN

I met Mat Deveau 10 years ago the way many people meet in NYC, through the assistance of their four legged friends. It didn't take me long to figure out that Mat not only had a way with people, he was amazing with animals. He really understands the personalities of each of his dogs and is able to care for them with their unique needs in mind. Mat is professional, thoughtful, and extremely trustworthy. If my Border Terrier, Bella, could type she would agree, Mat's the best!! - JENNIFER SCISM

Best dog-walking company in the city. Trustworthy, reliable, consistent, easy to communicate with and they truly care about dogs. Mat and his company have walked my dogs over 6 years and we have an excellent experience. Best downtown dog-walking service. Mat's employees tend to stay with him for a long time, which says a lot about this company. - ELIZABETH ENGLISH SEGAL

Mat has a special bond with all of the canine friends in his care. I've never met a dog who isn't immediately under Mat's spell. He truly cares and holds himself to the highest standard. - JEAN RAAZI